5 Simple Steps to Start Meditation for Beginners3 min read

Have you been hearing some great things about how meditation can help you become a better person and now you’re intrigued? Maybe you’re feeling stressed out because of your job, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with negative emotions and you want to find a way to relax. No matter what the reason, it’s actually easier to get started with meditation than you might think.

How to Meditate

When it comes down to it, you’ll actually find it doesn’t take much to learn how to meditate. You can pick it up in just a few minutes (which is how long it takes to have a session of your own).

1.Find a Comfortable Place

The first thing you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit. You should look for somewhere that you won’t be disturbed and that you will be able to feel comfortable. It might be in your bedroom sitting on the bed or in your living room sitting on the floor, or anywhere you want. Just make sure that no one is going to be rushing in and that you’re not going to be distracted by loud noises.

2.Sit Comfortably

Next, sit down in a comfortable position. You don’t need to sit cross-legged like you’ve probably seen before. Instead, you can sit in whatever configuration is most comfortable. You can even lay down if you’re not going to fall asleep (this isn’t nap time, after all). Just figure out whatever works best for you and a position you can stay in for at least a full 2 minutes.

3.Focus on Your Breathing

Throughout your meditation exercise you want to focus solely on your breathing if possible. That means only thinking about each breath as you breathe in and then breathe out. If you’re not able to focus quite that way you can choose a single word or a short phrase that will serve as your mantra. Focus only on those words and repeat them in your head over and over throughout your meditation process.

4.Breathe In for 7 Seconds

Take a slow, deep breath in while you count to 7. This is the first step of your meditation and you’re going to repeat it (along with the next step) for the full 2 minutes (or longer) that you are meditating for. Make sure each breath is slow but try to fill your lungs entirely each time that you inhale. Push your stomach out to pull in even more air.

5.Breathe Out for 7 Seconds

The last step is to breathe out for another 7 seconds. Once again, you’re going to be slow about the process. Push as much air out of your lungs as possible, though you don’t want to find yourself gasping for air when you’re finished. The key is to keep that breath slow and even, just like when you’re filling your lungs.

In just 5 steps you could be meditating entirely on your own. How is that for how to meditate? You don’t need all of the fancy gadgets or programs or apps to help you along. It just takes your own comfort and attention on your breathing.

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