Intermittent Fasting: Dos and Don’ts3 min read

When it comes to intermittent fasting there are some things that you should be paying attention to and making sure that you do. There are also things that you should definitely be avoiding. The key is to know the difference and that involves doing research to find the reputable sources from the … well … the not so reputable.


Do Drink Plenty of Fluids – You should be drinking fluids even during your fasting period because this is going make sure that your body stays healthier even while you’re skipping a meal or skipping a period of time. You’re going to want to drink water or other extremely hydrating beverages to keep you feeling better throughout.


Don’t Binge on Calories During Your Eating Period – When you are in your eating period it’s crucial that you don’t binge on a lot of unhealthy foods and calories. If you do you’ll find yourself missing the whole point and you definitely won’t lose weight. The key is to make sure you are eating like you normally would (or better than you normally would) during that period.


Do Get a Doctor’s Opinion – It’s important that you talk with your doctor before you start any type of diet and especially intermittent fasting. You could easily end up with a serious health condition because of fasting if you don’t check in with a doctor first and make sure that you have a good balance.


Don’t Ignore Hunger – You don’t want to just ignore the fact that your body is hungry. If you feel hungry it means that you haven’t quite eaten enough of the right things during your normal eating period. If you don’t feel hungry that means you’ve likely done what you should when it comes to getting vitamins and minerals.


Do Set a Schedule – It’s very important that you skip eating during the same period of time every single day. You want to make sure that you have a set schedule for your body. So, if you’re looking to go 16/8 you want to set the same 16 hours each day. If you’re going to be following a restricted calorie diet a couple days a week you should follow that over the same period each week.


Don’t Skip Your Workout – You can absolutely start to lose muscle as well as fat when you’re using intermittent fasting. That means it’s important for you to continue eating plenty of protein and also to start (or continue) lifting weights. That’s where you’re going to improve your physical fitness and continue feeling your best no matter what.


Overall, there are a number of things you should be doing and a number of things you should be avoiding. If you know what those things are and you’re careful, you’ll absolutely know something great about your new diet plan. You can absolutely improve your overall health and you can make the most of you fasting as well. That’s what the whole thing is all about after all, right?

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