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Do you find yourself procrastinating and trying to get tasks done at the last minute? Maybe you are always putting off the things that need to get done around your house, or at school, or work, or anywhere else. If you are then you’re not alone, but you’re probably trying to learn more about how to stop procrastinating. After all, you don’t want to continue on like this, right? The truth is, you definitely don’t, because procrastination is hurting you.


Cost You the Job

The first thing that procrastination could cost you is a job. If you put things off for too long and you just keep missing deadlines or turning in work at the last minute, your boss may not be happy with it. Even if you’re doing a great job and turning in stellar work (which you probably won’t be) you’re going to stress a lot of people out with being so close to the deadline.

Cost You the Opportunity

If you procrastinate too much, it could cost you an amazing opportunity because you didn’t respond quickly enough or because you didn’t turn something in on time. It’s possible your child could miss out too, such as missing a field trip deadline, or the application for them to go to preschool, or even finish their financial aid paperwork.

Cost You Reputation

If you’re consistently turning in work late or barely on time, it could hurt your reputation in some instances. People come to expect that they’re not going to get things from you when they would expect and they may have a lesser opinion of you because of it. You definitely don’t want to lose your reputation because you’re not getting projects turned in or you’re the one that no one can rely on to get something done quickly.

Cost You Friends

Friends and family who come to realize that you can’t be trusted to come through because you’re always putting things off. They are definitely going to be looking for friends in other places as well. You want them to be there for you, but they need you to be there for them as well and if you can’t be because of procrastination … they’re not going to stick around.

Cost You Quality

This one is going to cost you in all of the areas we’ve already discussed and then some. If you’re procrastinating, you’re probably not getting your work done to the standard that you should be. When that happens, you’re really going to have a loss of jobs, opportunity and reputation. You don’t want to be known as the person who turns in sub-par work because you’re always putting it off until the last minute.


If you’re trying to learn how to stop procrastinating, you probably already know that it’s hurting you in a number of different ways. You may not quite realize all of the ways yet though. That’s why it’s important to recognize the impact that procrastinating can have on the quality of your work and the way that you show up for the people in your life. Whether those are friends or family or colleagues, you owe them the best you can offer, and when you procrastinate that isn’t happening.

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