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Mindfulness meditation is all about focusing on the moment, rather than letting yourself get distracted by external factors. How many of you feel like you’re constantly getting pulled in a million different directions when you’re trying to focus on just one thing? Well, then it’s time you learned how to meditate in a mindful way.

The Process of Mindfulness Meditation

If you’re looking at how to meditate in a mindful way then you’ll want to take a closer look at these 6 steps in the process. It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might have thought. It just takes a little bit of attention.

1. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit.

You want to make sure that you’re comfortable because you should try to meditate for at least 10 minutes or so. You should be sitting upright with your back straight and your head up. Keep your muscles loose, however, to keep from stiffening up too much or tensing and causing strain.

2. Next, allow all of the thoughts that you’re having to flow out of your mind.

Some might try to stick around a little bit more than others, but you want to just gently push them away and let your mind completely empty. Whether they’re happy thoughts or negative thoughts doesn’t matter. The goal is to be entirely focused on the moment that you’re in.

3. Focus on the way that you are breathing.

Focus on the breath going in and out of your body and on the way it affects your body as you continue to breathe in and out. Keep your attention only on your breaths, your body and the way that it feels and reacts in this present moment.

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4. Other thoughts will enter into your mind and that’s okay, but force yourself to let them go.

Instead of grasping onto a thought or a feeling and letting it fill your mind, simply allow yourself to acknowledge that it’s there and then to let it keep floating right back out. All the while, keep your focus entirely on your breathing.

5. Don’t judge yourself, even if you find that your thoughts and your attention is being dragged off where it shouldn’t.

As soon as you realize this simply release the thought and bring your attention right back to your breathing. Don’t allow yourself to feel upset or angry because you were distracted. Simply allow the thought to move on.

6. When your 10 minutes is up remain in the same position for at least 2 more minutes.

Simply bring yourself back into awareness of the things that are going on around you and allow your body to enjoy the relaxation. You can start to accept the thoughts and feelings around you from this point as well before you’re ready to get up.

When you’re looking at how to meditate you might not think of mindfulness meditation right off the bat. Most people think only of sitting quietly and breathing, but not about the process of really getting in touch with the moment. This type of meditation, however, can greatly improve how you approach the rest of the day.

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